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Mint Writing applies content strategy from experience working in four business sectors.

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Giving small business owners the advantage


The writers at Mint have created content for Fortune 100 business, start-ups, and dozens of small businesses. Working with small business owners is by far the most rewarding collaboration. That’s because a well-written website, email, post, or advertisement can help to turn a dream into a viable business.


Leveling the playing field


Big businesses hire expert writing teams skilled at writing copy for a broad audience and optimized for Google search. Mint offers these services and more to the start-up and the small business owner.

Explaining the value of your business shouldn’t be difficult, but it is hard for most everyone to do themselves. Being an expert at something can make it hard to step back and write about the solution you offer. What a skilled online writer does is to look at the business objectively, through the eyes of the buyer. This alone is the reason you should hire a writer at some point to help communicate your business value.

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