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Hire award-winning talent in film and video to write original scripts. Mint Writing has experience in business and corporate scripts including TV ads, profiles, and sizzle reels.

Scriptwriting for business videos

Scriptwriting is a special skill. It requires experience in using dialogue to create a mood.  Script dialogue and voice-over must sound natural to the speaker. If you are working with non-actors, this becomes very important.

Planning for affordable productions

Let Mint Writing help you unleash the full power of video engagement. Video productions can be expensive but if they are produced with multiple uses in mind, they can be very affordable. Hire us to write a script with versions that cover:

  • Paid advertising
  • Social media
  • YouTube
  • Websites
  • In-person meetings

Scripts help direct and produce the shoot

A script demonstrates how the video will play. Descriptive images and camera instructions create a look and get the project started.

Writing a script for archival video

When a script is started in the post-production phase, the scriptwriter’s central task is to find connections in the material. She looks for narrative threads and themes that give meaning to the pictures. Another one of the scriptwriter’s jobs is to create a soundscape with dialogue, sound effects, and music suggestions. The details of this work support direction and editing.

Common corporate video scripts

Cold sales calls can be very effective. Performed correctly, phone scripts can nudge leads through your pipeline to a sale. Scripts can also help to form a relationship with the person on the other end.

Scriptwriting for sales calls

Here are six types of video scripts to choose from:

  • Profile
  • Promotion
  • Demo
  • Explainer
  • Speech
  • Public relations

Phone scripts to get best performance from your staff

When you give your sales staff a script, you are creating a training manual. A script is a way to combine the best thinking of your sales team. More experienced sales representatives and hungrier new talent can share techniques and refine their personal best. A script gives the head of sales strategic control. Find out what pitch works best by testing different versions.

Keep callers in compliance with phone scripts

Improvised sales calls can conflict with legal and regulatory rules. The FCC, for example, has strict rules around call solicitations. Train your staff to follow brand rules, business rules, and legal compliance with phone scripts.

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