24 Sep 2022

4 ways to stimulate organic traffic to a website page

If you have pages on your business website that get little to no organic traffic, this blog covers key technical tips that should help. Search-engine optimize your content by focusing on:

  • Logical order
  • Headlines with tags
  • Internal links
  • Page titles


1. Write headlines to help the reader skip to the information they need

Headlines anchor a website visitor’s experience. Headlines are especially important on mobile and make a website quicker to use.

Search engine software rely on headlines to catalog information about what your business does. Because headlines are indexed by search crawlers, important keywords should be added to your headlines, when they make sense.

Rank  headlines in order of importance. Font styles have different weights but here is a quick general guide to point sizes you can start with:

    • 28-pixel header
    • 20-pixel paragraph sub headers
    • 16-pixel body copy


2. Tag headlines

You do not need to know HTML to assign tags. Most website templates have an easy way to assign these heading tags if you check the tools they offer. If you have a WordPress website, there are many plugins you can upload, such as All in One SEO.

Assign your biggest headline a headline 1 (H1) tag. Paragraph headlines get a H2 tag. If you have subparagraphs, their headlines will get an H3 tag. H3 tags aren’t used often, but the option is there to continue to break down content and label it for search engines.


3. Guide your website user’s journey with internal links

Linking information on your website helps visitors find the content they want. Try linking a low trafficked page to a page with a lot of traffic and tap visitors. This strategy only works if text connects logically.

An anchor page has important SEO benefits

If you have a large site with a lot of content, consider creating an anchor page. An anchor page summarizes a topic and all the content that relates to the subject matter. Each branch of information connects using hyperlinks. HubSpot has a video tutorial on how to execute this strategy.

The anchor page makes it easier for the user to browse and pick out the information they need.  This structure of information will also demonstrate the business’s expertise and authority. These are the two characteristics that give a website page a better ranking:

Power tip: The words you link and the pages they connect with should have the same name. This keeps users on track and improves SEO.



4. Give a title to every website page

When you look up your online business in search, you will see your page titles. These titles help web surfers judge whether they should bother to navigate to your page. That fact makes them very important! Don’t waste an opportunity by forgetting a page title. Page titles also provide search engines the details they need to catalog your site correctly.

When you review your page titles, make sure they clearly and succinctly describe your business offerings.


Pages with skimpy text don’t get a lot of organic online search traffic


If you don’t see significant results after executing the technical changes above, you may need more text on your website. Contracting custom writing services is a small spend that can make a big difference to your sales.


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