09 Feb 2022

10 ways to write an effective blog

Looking for a way to come up with more sales leads? A useful blog can generate website traffic for years to come if optimized correctly. Blogs are pillars of content strategy because people are always searching for answers. To get the most value from the effort of writing a blog post, apply search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. If you decide to hire a professional blog writer who is trained in SEO writing, be sure they mention their knowledge about information design, website tags, different types of links, and keyword strategy. An essay written by someone without these skills will not make a big impact on your website’s search traffic or ranking. 

Headlines and formats for your blog

Blogs are by nature answers to questions. This is why headlines beginning with “how”, “why”, and “what” are some of the most searched online. Blog essays reinforce the expertise of the business when they offer solutions.  You may have some ideas about what your customer and clients need. If you are about to assign a blog to a writer or do it yourself, you should also have a specific format in mind. Using the same format for every essay on your site can get dull. To switch it up, here are some blog formats to inspire you:

  1. Listicle blog

This blog contains a list. The number of items is featured in the headline.

  1. Pillar blog

A page that gives a rundown of all the blogs you have on a common topic. A summary of each category includes hyperlinks that connect to the related subtopics that are on your website.

  1. How-to-blog

Do it yourself instructions on how to accomplish something.

  1. Set the record straight blog

This essay will dispel myths and commonly held ideas. They are a great structure for introducing disruptive innovation.

  1. Guide blog

A survey of a topic, for example: “What to do on vacation in Charleston, South Carolina”.

  1. Review blog

This post is a comparison of options. The most common version of this blog covers the relative features of a service or product.

  1. Case study blog

Businesses use this blog format to prove the value of their service.

  1. Interview blog

An interview of an expert. This blog can use a question and answer format where the business poses questions on the reader’s behalf.

  1. Newsjack blog

When a blog leverages breaking news to direct readers to its position and website. The news should be very fresh, and the update will usually unpack the topic and add expert commentary.  This essay can be framed with opinion, support, or humor.

  1. Survey results blog

After a business conducts a survey, this blog reveals data points and insights.


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