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Importance of SEO writing

You can increase traffic to your business website when you hire a professional to SEO optimize your website writing.

SEO-friendly content must be structured in a way that is appealing to users and understandable for a search software program to read. Content has to follow grammatical rules. It also needs to have thematic connections. The information on your site needs to be arranged hierarchically, according to levels of importance. For example, the first paragraph of a website page is very important because it lets people know what the site is for.

Keyword strategy

These are the bright glistening pieces that pack a punch. They’re the descriptive words that describe categories of things. Common keywords are hard to rank for in search but you still have to use them to explain what your service and business does. The way to write with keywords is to connect them with other words in short phrases, called long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are more specific definitions of your business offering. Using precise words will also attract the right client or customer.

The importance of internal website links

Breadcrumb is a digital buzzword for hyperlinks that connect one page to another on your website. They’re more important than you might realize for your clients. When well-designed, they keep users from abandoning the effort of completing important actions…for example, a sale. Internal website links also help search engines catalog key information throughout your website.

Want a bigger bite of organic traffic?

Writing for mobile

If you aren’t writing and formatting for mobile, you’re missing out on approximately half of your customers or clients. That turns into a lot of coin!

Give people what they want when they’re in a hurry. The most efficient way to read the information on our mobile phones is to skim through and get a general idea. We only dig in to read carefully when it matters. Shorter headlines and shorter paragraphs are easier to scan on mobile.

Writing SEO tags

Without tags, search bots have difficulty determining what is important and which content connects to what topics. When you tag the important words, you structure the content so search crawlers understand what logically belongs together. Your meta description, page title tags, and heading tags provide search engines with a directory. Tagging is vital for search and optimizing tags can make a big difference in traffic to your website.

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