Merging the many purposes of content

The goals of the business and the goals of the user are the essential part of content strategy. Strategic content is not only made to improve search traffic and ranking but it is only one of many motives.

Reasons a business has a website:

  • An introduction
  • A case for the business value proposition
  • A means of transacting business and making a sale
  • An expression of values and identity

Reasons a user goes to a website:

  • Solve a problem
  • Fill a need
  • Check the credentials of business
  • Save time wasted on a phone or with email

Motivating the user

The writer has to walk in the shoes of the user to understand what they care about. A choice about story format or wording comes down to behaviors and biases. Behavioral science explains why humans think and act a certain way. These tendencies can be exploited to increase engagement. In addition to clear explanations and a markers that take them along a path to a sale, users need an impulse to buy a product or a service.

Finding your business' competitive strength and opportunity

Competitive analysis is essential for your content strategy to work. A SWOT analysis of your businesses is a helpful resource for your content writer. Mint Writing is happy to conduct outward-facing research into your direct competition. Getting ahead depends on knowing how to put your best foot forward.

Tactical writing

Strategic writing accomplishes a lot at once. This is why it pays to hire a writer that has a full arsenal of skills. Your content writer should also be using all of the AI tools of the day. Mint Writing makes certain the content it creates will:

  • Invite as many users as possible to your website
  • Reach a sales target in a way they can relate to
  • Share a branded experience of working with you
  • Convince users your business solution and product are worth it
  • Follow structure and tagging that search engines can catalog


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