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Brand identity

A brand can be described in terms of a human character. For example, a health brand may identify as a healer or a disruptive technology company as a visionary. Challenger brands can appeal to the disaffected by becoming rebels. Do you have a defined brand personality?

Define the brand voice

Be persuasive by writing in an identifiable style. You might:

  • Lead with facts or story
  • Take a serious or silly tone
  • Rally the reader with commands and urgency
  • Go along at a breezy or soothing tempo

Need to refresh your brand?

Styles change. Logos adapt to the times. Packaging gets new wrappers. What’s most important is that your website adapts. If you’re listening to your customers, change will be necessary over time. Think of it this way, rewriting your website is cheaper than refurbishing your office or running an ongoing PPC campaign. It also can do much more for your bottom line – today and tomorrow.

Tradition and your approach

Over time, brands may evolve but a great brand can last for ages. Enduring values can lead to long relationships and loyalty. Many writing style choices are born out of the reason the company began in the first place. Brands usually initially fit the perspective and personality of the founder. Let us help you find the mint center of makes you special.

Don't have a brand?

Use our free worksheet to discover your brand.

Use our free worksheet to discover your brand.

Write with purpose

Content has to have meaning for it to matter. Every communication is an opportunity to tell the reader more about what you care about. Today, customers and clients are more sensitive about what companies stand for. With more choice comes the opportunity to buy consciously. Make your mission statement and values the core of your business messaging. Established brands should take every opportunity to further the narrative around what they stand for.

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