"Stories are equipment for living"

-Robert McKee

Show the reader a path forward

At the root, all stories are designed to conquer adversity. Whether it explains how a business formed to solve a problem or the way a business founder overcame adversity – the resolution is what makes it a story.

Three business story frameworks

The business origin story

Most businesses are built on a vision. The origin of an idea for a business can create a strong bond with the reader. Writing about commitment or disruption can turn new clients and customers into admiring fans.

Model achievement

Profile someone on your team who excels in character or in deeds. Make an example of true success for your team and clients and customers. Let them know who they are going to work with.

Client testimonial

Clients have an important perspective on how a business solution or product worked for them.  Combine with the company side of the story to demonstrate the strength of the collaboration.

The skilled storyteller has command of structure

  • Plot
  • Characterization
  • Format
  • Theme
  • Point-of-view
  • Meaning
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