08 Jan 2022

Myths about outsourcing work to a copywriter

Have you heard rumors about working with copywriters?

Here we will separate fact from fiction. In the process, you will learn how to assess a writer’s professionalism, talent, and skills so you can make a better hiring decision. You will also learn what makes them tick so you can inspire a great working experience

Myth 1: Hiring a freelance writer is expensive 

For roughly half the rate you would pay a publicist or photographer, a writer can create the center piece of communications for your business. Website content and blogs can spawn emails, social media posts, and ads. A writer can develop your brand story and help you find the brand you didn’t know you had. What other investment continues to bring you sales leads for years to come at a fixed low rate? 

Myth 2: If the writer is not experienced in my niche, they won’t do a respectable job 

Nonsense! Hiring a writer who is not an expert in tech, finance, health care for example, can be a wise move. Years ago, I had to fight to get a job writing for medical director at Johnson & Johnson. I confessed that I was completely ignorant about rheumatoid arthritis, but I said this gave me the advantage of thinking like regular folks instead of scientists. I got the job and during my research on the topic, I realized that about everyone online was saying the same thing about the disease. It was as if they were all copying one another. Writing something different is a distinct advantage – especially for search. 

The rub here is that you need to hire someone motivated to research deeply into the topic. All writers are genuinely curious to learn new things, but not every writer is rigorous.  

Myth 3: A writer won’t know my business like I do 

Your content writer should extract what you know, what your clients know, and what is out there online. Most copywriters have a strong credo about giving the public the information they need. If they don’t bother to become somewhat of an expert in the process, they aren’t worth working with. Try asking a candidate about what they’ve learned recently on the job. You’ll be able to tell who is going to dig in. 

Myth 4: Someone else’s writing won’t sound like me 

Great ghost writing requires a mind meld made possible when both sides collaborate closely. Yes, choose your collaborator carefully but after a conversation or two, you should be able to tell if you have a good flow of ideas and understanding that suggests good things to come. The writer’s job is to uncover all the nuances and angles of the topic so they can help you sharpen your thinking and make you sound smart.  

Listening skills are key. A good writer may repeat back one of your better sound bites because it gives them pleasure. That’s someone who is paying attention and trying to capture your sound. 

Myth 5: It’s better to hire someone on staff to write content 

If you have a good writer on staff, they should be strongly considered. But…if they haven’t written content that produces results, you are taking an unnecessary risk. Hire a professional writer to work with your internal team after you have a draft. Your staff may be able to pick up tips while you get what you need to grow your business. 

Myth 6: Anyone can tell a story 

Storytelling is an art and a craft. If a writer’s portfolio doesn’t demonstrate the ability to draw you in and take you on a journey, then keep looking. A story should also leave you with a satisfying ah, hah moment. Few writers have the chops to write stories that linger. 



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