09 Feb 2022

Improve ranking, traffic, and reputation with a guest blog

Guest blogs are valuable for the experts that write them and the businesses that post them.

Content on the web has currency, especially blogs. A blog optimized for search with the help of a ghostwriter will lift a business’ website traffic and ranking. For the expert, a blog may increase their social following, and even lead to speaking engagements. Both sides reap benefits from a guest blog collaboration. Here we will explain the benefits of a guest blog and how work with a professional ghostwriter.

The value of a guest blog for consultants and academics

Sharing information about specialized topics is a sure way to establish your reputation online. If you retired recently, guest blogs will help to launch your consultancy. Start with an idea for a blog and then conduct some research. Don’t get to hung up if there are similar blogs, simply find a unique angle or format.

How a consultant can pitch a guest blog

If you want your blog to run in a particular online publication or on a business website, you will need to prepare several pitches. Write out a list of topics that have value. You should also have a rough outline of what you will cover in each essay. When you reach out in an email to the editor, share your expertise and get them hooked on one of your topics. Don’t share a draft until you have developed a relationship. You don’t want your ideas handed off to someone else to write, which would defeat the purpose.

Apply SEO best-practices to your guest blog

You and the business both want the blog read. To increase the chance of that, get a professional to help produce the best result. Search-optimization and readability will improve the performance of the content. A ghostwriter with SEO writing experience will have the technical writing skills necessary.

Collaborating with a ghostwriter on a blog

Some experts may be uncomfortable writing an essay that will be featured online. A ghostwriter can help you get over this hump. During the interview and process of shaping the essay, you will the gain confidence to do it yourself. Or…you can continue to collaborate with a ghost writer and perhaps produce more work than you would on your own.

If you have any concern about working with a writer, please read our blog about how to start a great working experience with a copywriter.

Ghostwriting for a blog is between you and the writer

If a business or publication asks if you, the consultant, will be writing the blog – say yes. After all, ghostwriting is a collaboration. You dot have to reveal that you are working with a ghostwriter. Any ghostwriter will be fine with signing a non-disclosure agreement.

The editing process with a ghostwriter

A professional copywriter will ask you for the topic and an outline. The writer will interview you to flesh out each idea in the outline. You agree on the format of the blog and the writer proceeds with the first draft.

After you give your input and the writer makes the necessary changes, you will present this draft to the business or publication.

It is better for your ghostwriter to respond to notes directly from the business or publication. Careful listening saves a lot of time and misunderstanding during the writing process. So if you get changes over the phone, arrange to record it or if you have a video call, get a link to the recording and share it with your writer.

The value of a guest blog for a business 

Guest blogs are usually assignments. In the same way that editors hand out assignments to journalists, a business should have a good idea what topic will interest their readers. The business may adopt the strategy of strengthening the SEO of an existing service or product. Reviews of new service and product offerings are another possibility.

The SEO value of a guest blog versus a researched blog

Businesses can hire writers to research and develop content, but a guest blog is favorable. For a start, an expert will know the nuances that a researcher may not. Here are other reasons why your business might want to invite someone to write a guest blog:

    • Reinforce keywords
    • Reach another audience
    • Gain more influence with an authority
    • Increase traffic
    • Increase ranking

Giving the guest blogger strategic direction

Pull together a guide for the writer with that covers:

    • Topic
    • Keywords you want to rank for
    • Type of user you want to reach
    • Slant

Collaboration produces the best thinking

Be open-minded when an expert offers another approach or suggests a different client base. After all, someone knowledgeable about the benefits of what you do or make, can open your eyes to possibilities. The business should take advantage of a fresh perspective and perhaps a less sales-oriented post.

The dollars and sense of guest blogs

Blogging doesn’t earn a lot of money. Consequently, consultants should be prepared to hand over their fee to their ghostwriter. In many cases, the ghostwriters fee will cost the consultant. The reason an expert is unlikely to get money for a guest blog is that you are paid in distribution access. If this is the arrangement, insist on a backlink to your social channels and website so you will eventually monetize your efforts.

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