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Fresh organic content can help you meet your business goals. Original writing is one of the most valuable assets you can invest in because it keeps nourishing sales. Increase traffic and grow your client and customer base when you write about new services, new products, a new outlook, or just plain news.


Improve search ranking with high-quality content

How do you get Google to know how great your business is? Simple, produce a substantial amount of quality content on your site and search engines will put you in all the relevant categories for what you do best. Adding content that is organic to your website is like pressing that call button over your seat in a plane. “Hello flight attendant, I have new content”. In reality, new content sends out a beacon to web crawlers to come by and scan your new words. This is way better than getting free snacks on the plane because refreshing your website with search-optimized text can add up to more earnings.

Increase your relevance online

Almost everyone is online now. Facts are easy to get ahold of. Unfortunately, so is misinformation. Separate yourself from anyone and everyone that has an opinion. Demonstrate your deep knowledge of a topic, so clients have more trust in your capabilities. When you share more content about what you offer, you also make it easier for search engines to catalog your expertise and authority.

Want to be more influential across digital platforms? Collaborate with a professional ghostwriter and produce more thought leadership in blogs and social media posts. We’ll work with you on a content plan to increase your presence online.

Benefits of content

  • Pull in more online customers and clients
  • Increase ranking when you keep users reading your site
  • Push users through your pipeline to a sale

Reuse original writing

Stretch your investment in content. When you order Mint Writing to create monthly blogs or a package of blogs, ask us about creating:

  • Social media lead bait
  • Email lead bait
  • Newsletter lead bait

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