People abandon online tasks that are too hard

A website with a bounce rate of over 50% is turning away half of its visitors! That adds up to a large loss of potential revenue. Mint writing can help you improve the structure of your site so users can navigate to what they need faster.

Logical menu structure

Menus, pages, and subpages should have an instinctive order and clustering so they function better. Mint Writing can reduce friction points in your website navigation. That way, it will take fewer steps and less time for users to get the job done. The result is longer page sessions, better ranking, and more sales. Websites that are well organized, perform better. Sitemap changes are quick to do but they can have a big impact.

Find out what needs fixing

Do you know how your site is performing? Contact us to get a readout of your analytics and recommendations for higher ranking and more organic traffic.

Internal links improve ranking

Site structure is a key component of user-experience. An easy user journey on the way to completing a task is important for ranking, repeat visits, and conversions. Internal links are part of this plan. When you design your content so users can skip to the section they want, you give your customers better service. You also improve your PageRank. Search engines crawl over your site to see what information is interlinked. A web of information that is related will tell the crawler that you know what you are talking about and your authority will go up.

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