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An unforgettable destination

The secluded Sorrel River Ranch in Moab, Utah is surrounded by the backdrop of countless classic western films. Views of red rock cathedrals, sandstone arches, and the meandering Colorado River will transform your outlook.  Here you can restore yourself with a walk across the vast untouched landscape, morning yoga, star-gazing, or a luxurious spa treatment. The resort activities and two national parks nearby provide thrilling options for the outdoor enthusiast. Enjoy a horseback trails, white river rafting, and world-class mountain biking. When you get back to the ranch, there is a tranquil spot waiting for you on your private porch.

(Excerpt from a brochure) Sorrel River Ranch

What is a bullet pitch?

There are times when a standard meeting pitch, or even an elevator pitch is far too long to use.  The “bullet pitch” is different. It’s the shortest form of a pitch — just 8  to 10 seconds or about 30 words. It’s a quick line or two, more likely to be heard and designed to be remembered. Every single word counts. People are busy – they have no time, no attention span, poor memories, and most don’t listen very well. The goal of a bullet pitch is to get their attention, so they say, “Tell me more.”

(Excerpt from blog) NYWIB.org

Getting help to protect yourself against pneumococcal disease shouldn't be

We all work at making healthier choices. One way to stay healthy is to reduce your chances of getting pneumococcal disease. Here’s some important disease information that may be new to you.

(Multi-channel DTC and DPC campaign with Aetna & Merck)

Find it in the small business marketplace

When local markets, online stores, and expert freelancers connect – you get more of what you need all in one place. With connections to entrepreneurs across the US, you have access to more choices and more deals. We put the power of buy, sell, and hire all in one platform to save you time and money.

(Excerpt from platform content) CubeSnack

Don't let smoking define you

Quitting is harder than most people think. When smoking becomes a part of drinking, driving, or taking a break, it can be hard to quit.

(National campaign with Pfizer)

It’s a dirty little secret.
They’re in your home and you just vacuumed.
Now there’s a better way to clean.
Up to five times more powerful than a conventional vacuum.
Test show how much dirt they kick out.
The convenient Cyclone way eliminates vacuumed dirt, dust and
allergens…in any home.
Starting around $900 installed.
Cyclone, for a cleaner, healthier home.

(:30 Spot Market TV Commercial) Cyclone Home Systems

French dessert delicacies

After just one option for dinner, guests are presented with a spectacle of French dessert choices. Thirty-two perfectly French delicacies are the ultimate in decadent dining. The experience of tasting a L’Entrecôte dessert is such an astonishing gift, it must be repeated until you are certain which dessert will be your favorite of all time.

(Excerpt from promotion) Le Relais de Venise L’Entrecôte

Light up your brain, make it fitter, and sharper

Malkangani oil is a powerful nootropic. It raises the level of a neurotransmitter in the brain that’s critical for enhancing short-term memory.1 Stressed and ageing brains can suffer from declining levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Daily intake of malkangani oil raises and restores acetylcholine and enhances arousal,2,3 attention, memory, and motivation.4

Given to children with low IQ, malkangni oil raised their intelligence quotient.5 Given to patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s, the supplement improved accompanying symptoms: memory destruction, deficits in attention, and decreased agitation.6

Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to adapt and rewire when exposed to new ideas and experiences. A neuroplastic brain learns faster, has superior cognition, and recovers faster from strokes and brain injuries. Ageing individuals and dementia patients experience rapid decline in brain plasticity. Malkangani oil is a rare supplement that can improve brain function by reorganizing neural pathways and creating new neuronal connections.7

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