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Mint Writing applies content strategy from experience working in four business sectors.

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Aileen has written extensively on the topic of entrepreneurship. During the COVID pandemic, she directed digital communications at New York Women in Business. She also founded and contributed to the NYWIB.org blog. Other experience includes writing about equity trading and risk assessment for private and financial services companies.

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Aileen has created nationwide campaigns for the biggest names in pharmaceuticals including Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Merck. In her position as Associate Creative Director for CVS Health Company, Healthagen, Aileen also wrote marketing communications for biomedical companies and Aetna insurance. Other health care content writing experience includes work in medical training, alternative and complementary health care, and science education.

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Experience creating content for:

  • Mobile marketplace app
  • Websites for specialty product sellers
  • Campaign marketing for luxury goods makers
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Aileen has a deep understanding of story structures and interview techniques from years of working in television and film. She’s been an editor and producer for HBO, ABC, CBS, CNN, and others. She has collaborated on the writing of documentaries featured on CBS News, TruTV, and MSNBC. Her experience ranges from crafting real people stories and news to on-air and online advertising scripts.


The Mint Writing purpose is to give every business the opportunity to tell its story.

It isn’t easy to look at your business from the inside out. Established brands can become insulated behind a wall of expert-speak. Years roll by and a successful business may not have website content that reflects who they are today…or that speaks to the customers of tomorrow.

Mint Writing provides inbound marketing. Our writing services open communications so you reach new customers and reinforce long-lasting customer relationships.


Aileen Ghee is an award-winning storyteller and digital communicator.

She was born in the famous film backdrop neighborhood of Greenwich Village, NYC. Aileen spent half her career working in television and film. From television commercials, to trailers, to TV specials, to independent film, Aileen has deep storytelling craft. After starting a family and  living in Europe, Aileen came back to NYC to learn about digital marketing. After years of multi-channel copywriting and content writing experience, Aileen is excited to support the growth of businesses competing online.

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